For several years now, Google’s Universal Analytics has been the go-to platform for capturing critical website data such as: website traffic, traffic sources, user engagement, form submission tracking, conversions, and more. In fact, 99% of the websites we’ve launched here at Skyhook over the years have launched with Universal Analytics installed to ensure our […]

How to Comply with GDPR & ADA Website Standards GDPR and ADA have been popular buzzwords in the business community over the past couple of years. But while often talked about together, they really deal with two separate compliance issues with your website. However, both are equally important in terms of protecting your business against […]

10 Tried-And-True Ideas for Improving Your Conversion Rate Continuing my series on the “5 Drivers at the Core of Your Business”, it’s time to take a closer look at how you can improve your conversion rates. If you’ll remember, the 5 drivers formula creates big impact from relatively small changes to your business—just a 10% […]

Website Design Trends for Your WordPress Website Website designs have come a long way since the days of boxy designs with minimal functionality and basic user experience. These days, custom WordPress websites can be designed to do just about anything you can dream of. We’ve picked out 6 of the top WordPress website design trends […]

Tips for Keeping Your Website Running Effectively Post-Launch Launching you website is only the first of a never-ending set of steps for running and maintaining an effective website. Watch as I explain some of the tasks you need to actively engage in after launch, from preventative maintenance to proactive development.  Like this video? You […]

SEO Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Search Engine Ranking So you have a website. Great. But how can you make sure potential customers will find without having to dig through pages of search results? Dallin shares the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to implement on your website. Whether you’re about to […]

How to Keep Your Website Project Costs from Spiraling A new website is one of the biggest investments any company will make in their sales and marketing. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for website project costs to get out of control during the design and development phases. But I have a few tips, garnered over […]

Website Insights That Can Change Your Business What would you say is the purpose of your website? The most likely answer is that it’s a place where you can tell potential customers about your products and services, and provide a way for them to purchase or contact you. That’s true–but it’s a very one-sided view […]

Trends Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape We live in a digital world, one that’s changing and evolving at an incredible rate. For brands, staying in touch and relevant is a bigger challenge than ever before. It seems like new trends emerge just as you’ve started to master others. That the only way to keep your […]

How Website Personas Ensure You’re Reaching the Right People At the start of every website project, one of the first things your web agency will ask you about is your target audience. If you’re like a lot of companies, you can answer in basic demographics—age, gender, location, job title, etc. It’s valuable information, sure. But […]