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Website Diagnostic

The Website Diagnostic is to designed give you a professional review of your current website. It provides an in-depth evaluation of your website through three different lenses — messaging, user experience, and underlying code — by three different Skyhook experts. The engagement includes:


A conversation with your stakeholders, guided by a Senior Website Strategist, designed to clarify website visitor personas, key messaging, and appropriate performance criteria.


A comprehensive evaluation of your website’s user experience and persuasion ability, conducted by a Senior UX Designer, which compares your site against website goals, our experience, and industry best practices.


A review of the underlying platform and infrastructure your website is built on, conducted by a Senior Web Developer, who will test it for speed, security, and upgradeability.


A detailed findings presentation delivered and reviewed alongside you outlining results and strategic recommendations.

A Website Diagnostic takes 1 week to produce and is priced individually, starting at $1600.

Website Strategy

Clients hire Skyhook to build out a Website Strategy when they’re facing a redesign project and/or creating an RFP and want to make sure they get it right. Having built over 500 websites, our team of strategists, designers, and coders can help you plan a development project that is sure to be a success. The engagement goes like this:


A strategic conversation with stakeholders, guided by a Senior Website Strategist, designed to clarify website visitor personas, key messaging, and appropriate performance criteria.


A comprehensive evaluation of your existing website including messaging, user experience, underlying code and functionality, third-party integrations, and more by several different members of our team.


A thorough review of competitor websites, reviewing messaging and evaluating design and functionality benchmarks.


A full set of architecture documents, including sitemap, key wireframes, creative brief, and a functional specification document — everything your implementation team will need to see the project to successful completion.

A Website Strategy takes 2-4 weeks to build out and is priced individually, starting at $4,000.

Measurement Strategy

Too many brands have no idea how their website is performing, or where to focus their efforts. Skyhook’s Measurement Strategy offering will help you answer these questions for good. During this engagement, our team of Google Analytics IQ Certified Data Scientists will:


Perform a diagnostic evaluation of the marketing data you’re collecting and the metrics/analytics systems/processes you’re currently following, including a review of how that stacks up against what other brands are doing.


Facilitate a workshop with your team to help you determine and get aligned on what you should be measuring.


Provide a half day of in-person training or you and your team about what to measure and why, how to get and keep clean data, best practices for visualizing and extracting insights from data, and how to maintain a culture of measurement.


Prescribe a set of dashboards and review processes tailored exclusively to your organization that you will use to make sense of your data on an ongoing basis.

A Measurement Strategy takes 3-5 weeks to create and is priced individually, starting at $4,000

WordPress Platform Review

As a WordPress website grows, it often becomes an unruly mess of themes, plugins, and post types, making maintenance painful, and causing speed and uptime concerns. Skyhook’s WordPress Platform Review is designed to first identify and analyze problems with your WordPress installation, then prescribe action steps that will assure your site’s speed, security, and maintainability. During the engagement, one of our Senior WordPress Engineers will:

Guide a conversation with stakeholders to help you clarify what your organization needs from your website platform, both collectively and by individual
Evaluate the quality of your website’s WordPress installation, including a review of themes, plugins, and front-end code.
Review the underlying hosting infrastructure your website is built on, testing it for speed, security, and upgradeability.
Present you with a detailed findings report, including recommendations on how to solve identified problems.

Custom Consulting

We’ve been building websites for over 15 years, and we’d love to share our expertise with you. With Custom Consulting, you get access to Skyhook’s experts by whatever format makes sense — telephone, video call, email, or in-person. Our consulting is priced at $200/hr, billed in 15-minute increments.

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