Ongoing Website Care

Protecting and developing your website post-launch.

“We used to worry about our website growing stagnant and falling behind our competition. Now that we’ve partnered with Skyhook, we know we’re always on the cutting edge.”

Jennifer Metclaf


Autopilot Continuous Development

Skyhook’s Autopilot™ Continuous Development Plan offers a true “set it and forget it” website ownership experience. Rather than fretting about large website overhauls every 3-5 years, this service engages our team to constantly provide minor updates to your website so it’s never out of date. With Autopilot, you can rest easy, knowing that all of your ongoing website maintenance and upgrade needs are being proactively handled by Skyhook’s team of award-winning website professionals. This service includes:

Professional-grade website hosting, including 24/7 monitoring of website uptime, speed, backups, and security

Monthly upgrades. to website plugins and core software

2+ hours/month of website content changes that you request

Semi-annual performance audit performance audit & recommendations from an expert strategist.

Significant upgrades to site content and functionality every 6 months

Major upgrades to user interface every 3 years


Contract Web Team

Enterprise customers: why go through the pain and expense of building and maintaining an in-house web team? With Skyhook as your Contract Web Team, you can lease a portion of our entire team’s attention each month to plan, design, build, maintain, and optimize your organization’s ongoing web development. We’ve already done the hard work of finding, training, and engaging top-notch talent, and you can buy access for a fraction of the payroll expense.


Á La Carte Support

For customers who aren’t part of a support plan, or who have needs pop up that go beyond their allotted hours, Skyhook services à la carte website development tickets. Simply send us your request, and we’ll provide an estimate for completing your task within 1 business day. With your approval, we’ll complete the work, then bill you at the end of each month for any costs you incurred.

À La Carte Support tickets are estimated individually, and are billed at $160/hr.

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We’ve been building websites for nearly 15 years, and we’d love to share our expertise with you. With Custom Consulting, you get access to Skyhook’s experts by whatever format makes sense — telephone, video call, email, or in-person. Our consulting is priced at $200/hr, billed in 15-minute increments.

We don’t work with just anyone, and neither should you.

We know that a great fit leads to great results. Request a quick introductory call so we can get to know each other better to see if we’d make a good match.