How Website Personas Ensure You’re Reaching the Right People At the start of every website project, one of the first things your web agency will ask you about is your target audience. If you’re like a lot of companies, you can answer in basic demographics—age, gender, location, job title, etc. It’s valuable information, sure. But […]

Is It Time to Update Your Website? In this spirit of all the listicles floating around the New Year, we’ve put together 10 reasons why it might be time to get a new website in 2020. 10. Because only the Space Jam website can pull off the “retro is cool” thing. 9. Because you have […]

Why “Make It Pop” Is Bad Feedback & Other Creative Services Insights To those people not in a creative services role, the concept of “creativity” can feel a little bit like magic. Or perhaps madness. In truth, good creatives need a little bit of both to consistently deliver “aha” moments day in and day out […]

An Introduction to Website Server Environments If you’re confused even by the title, don’t worry—we’re going to break down hosting and production workflows until you can confidently explain server environments to anyone you meet. So what are we really talking about? At a high level, hosting and production workflows really just refer to how and […]

Breaking down the 5 steps for creating, building and launching a new website. If you’ve never gone through a website project before, you probably don’t know what to expect. After 10 years in business, Skyhook has the process down pretty well. I’ll walk you through the main phases and what happens during each to ensure […]

Diving into the factors behind website costs Like every business, every website is unique. Because of that, the answer to the question “How much does a website cost?” is not a straightforward one. But, I do my best to tell you why—and what we consider when estimating a new site.   Read this – A […]

Nearly everyone I talk to in the marketing industry agrees, whether they are on the agency side or the client side, that they would avoid the RFP process if they could. For agencies, it’s costly and distracting. For clients, it’s time-consuming, draining, and still carries plenty of risk. And yet we continue to do it, […]

NOTICE: This is a very old article. Please visit the home page of our blog or other areas of our site for more up-to-date information. If you’ve ever wondered what PageRank is, you’ve come to the right place. Micah, one of our SEO experts, provides a brief summary in the post below. The basics PageRank […]

Blogging? Isn’t that just for craftaholics, fashionistas and Oprah?   It’s a question we hear often from clients: is a blog really necessary for a business website? If you want to get the most out of your online presence, the answer is yes. But don’t worry, you won’t be blogging about Oprah’s latest book club […]

NOTICE: This is a very old article. Please visit the home page of our blog or other areas of our site for more up-to-date information. The term “Domain Authority” is often used on SEO blogs and Internet marketing websites, but what does it really mean? First, the short answer. Domain Authority is a way of […]