How to Comply with GDPR & ADA Website Standards GDPR and ADA have been popular buzzwords in the business community over the past couple of years. But while often talked about together, they really deal with two separate compliance issues with your website. However, both are equally important in terms of protecting your business against […]

Website Design Trends for Your WordPress Website Website designs have come a long way since the days of boxy designs with minimal functionality and basic user experience. These days, custom WordPress websites can be designed to do just about anything you can dream of. We’ve picked out 6 of the top WordPress website design trends […]

The Real Wizardry Behind Creating Beautiful, Effective Websites Websites are a completely different animal than just about any other type of creative project. And if you’ve never worked on a website project from end to end, you’re probably curious about what a web design firm actually does behind the scenes to bring your website to […]

Last week, Google announced Blink as the new rendering engine behind Chromium, the open source project that powers the Web browser Chrome. While most casual Chrome users will likely never hear about this change, Web developers like me are taking note and looking forward to the innovations that will be rolled out to increase Chrome’s rendering power. […]

In the market for a web host? Read on to learn from a web developer (and Internet genius!) what to consider when choosing a web hosting company. Finding a good web host can be a difficult task. There are a lot of options out there with different pricing and features available. Knowing all the technical […]

At Skyhook Interactive, we are huge fans of WordPress. For the last several years, we’ve built 90 percent of our clients’ sites using WordPress as our platform. WordPress enhances websites at every step of the process. It helps our clients save money, take control of their own sites (add/edit/remove content), incorporate advanced functionality (e-commerce, mapping, […]

Your job is to keep the marketing of your business rolling fast and strong. You’re ready to see something up yesterday, and what you really need to know is “how long will it take to build my website?” Short answer: It depends. Is your website a pinewood derby car, or a kit built Shelby Cobra? […]

I read a biographical interview today on a popular design blog with a Senior User Experience Designer at Google. Google is a pretty big deal, as you know. They reported over $10B in profit last year. The people that work there know what they are doing. So this very well paid, very highly skilled designer […]

If you ever visit the Skyhook office and poke your head into the coding room you’ll probably see three programmers with telltale white headphones plugged into their ears. They’re wired in.

WordPress is an awesome platform for building websites. From the default features to themes to plugins – it can handle almost any type of website you want to create.