How to Comply with GDPR & ADA Website Standards GDPR and ADA have been popular buzzwords in the business community over the past couple of years. But while often talked about together, they really deal with two separate compliance issues with your website. However, both are equally important in terms of protecting your business against […]

Website Design Trends for Your WordPress Website Website designs have come a long way since the days of boxy designs with minimal functionality and basic user experience. These days, custom WordPress websites can be designed to do just about anything you can dream of. We’ve picked out 6 of the top WordPress website design trends […]

The Real Wizardry Behind Creating Beautiful, Effective Websites Websites are a completely different animal than just about any other type of creative project. And if you’ve never worked on a website project from end to end, you’re probably curious about what a web design firm actually does behind the scenes to bring your website to […]

Why “Make It Pop” Is Bad Feedback & Other Creative Services Insights To those people not in a creative services role, the concept of “creativity” can feel a little bit like magic. Or perhaps madness. In truth, good creatives need a little bit of both to consistently deliver “aha” moments day in and day out […]

As a marketing coordinator here at Skyhook, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate websites for businesses of all kinds – law, healthcare, technology, and everything in between. All of these businesses are in very different fields of work, but they all have the same needs when it comes to what will give them the highest […]

Mobile marketing panel with John Gough A few weeks ago I was invited to participate on a panel at Digital Summit Phoenix on the “Future of Mobile”. I was honored to share the stage with some great marketers: Anne Gherini of StumbleUpon, Bethany Mulcahy of WeddingWire, and Patricia Travaline of Skyword. We had a very interesting […]