Month: May 2011

Web Design Gilbert AZ

Looking for a local web designer or web developer in Gilbert, Arizona? The other day I was curious who was out there, so I did a little bit of Googling. Skyhook Interactive is on the front page.

User attention spans are… what were you saying?

User attention is a finite resource. Once it’s used up, if they haven’t found what their looking for, they hit the dreaded “back” button and bounce off the page. You lose a sale. Sad trombone noises sound in your head. Information Architecture is the discipline that critically examines your site/information and organizes it based on…

WordPress Designer Mesa AZ

What is WordPress? WordPress is a popular free website platform that makes it easier than ever for webmasters with any experience level to manage a website. WordPress is a software program that runs on a web server (rather than on your computer) and allows you to easily update and maintain your website from anywhere with…