Web Design & Marketing in Gilbert, AZ


Looking for a local web designer or web developer in Gilbert, Arizona?

The other day I was curious who was out there, so I did a little bit of Googling and decided to save you some time by sharing what I found:

  • Skyhook Interactive. Yes, that’s us — We’re located in Gilbert, AZ. Our strengths are focused on all aspects of internet marketing including web design, web development, SEO, Paid search marketing (PPC), social media marketing, email automation, website hosting and so forth. We don’t do any traditional advertising (print, radio, television), choosing instead to specialize in online promotion.
  • DGR Communications. Husband and wife team with a background in branding and copywriting. Services include web design, development, copy writing and brand consultancy. Honest, hardworking and very experienced.
  • Impact Web Solutions. From their website, they appear to be more technically oriented with services in e-commerce, application development, database programming and so forth.
  • Dream Fountain. Appear to have a bit of a technical orientation as well, and to focus mostly on web. Dream fountain also offers web hosting, domain services, e-commerce and marketing services.
  • Rapid Media is a Gilbert, AZ based company with expertise in several areas of marketing both on- and off-line. Their web services include website design, website development and website hosting.

Web Design & Web Development

The web design process begins by defining your business goals (why you’re even building a website), then sitting down with a website strategy consultant to “architect” your website. Assuming you’ve already developed your visual brand, you’ll typically work next with a copywriter and a graphic designer to design a website that accomplishes your business objectives. Once you’re completely happy with the graphical concept of your website, the next step is to deliver finished graphic designs to a web developer or web programmer who will bring your designs to life. Finally, just because a website is built doesn’t mean people will come — the final step is to work with an internet marketing professional to get search engine rankings and generate buzz to drive traffic to your website.

Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert, AZ is part of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area and is located 25 miles southeast of Phoenix. Gilbert is a quiet and pleasant community that has been consistently ranked among one of the top 50 best places to live in the nation. The school systems are great, the business community is alive and well, the city has a rich history and the streets are safe.