Beautifully Visual & Functional WordPress Website for Tempe-based bluemedia

bluemedia is a national signage company that needs no introduction. Located in Tempe, Arizona, they lead the industry in providing custom fabrication and experiential activations for brands, teams, events, and venues across the United States. With a list of happy clients ranging from Playstation to the Super Bowl, bluemedia has developed a reputation for outstanding creative and flawless execution.

The Challenge

While bluemedia’s work is loud, inspirational, unconventional, and flawless, their former website.. wasn’t. Additionally, bluemedia has done so many different kinds of projects across so many industries during the 20 years they’ve been in business that they were having trouble helping new prospective clients connect with relevant case studies. Finally, bluemedia was looking to implement a new project management software solution that would enable them to better work with each other and with their clients, and they would need this software to be accessible through the website.

As it became apparent that bluemedia would need to overhaul its website in order to take operations to the next level, Founding Partner Darren Wilson and Marketing Director Joe Holt set out to find a website development firm they could trust.

How Skyhook Helped

Being deeply connected in the creative services industry in Phoenix, bluemedia had high expectations and no shortage of folks they could work with. In the end, they chose Skyhook because of our “just right” team size, extraordinary talent, and thoughtful and committed culture.

We began our work by taking our team on a tour of the bluemedia studio, meeting with various team members and reviewing case studies. We facilitated conversations between senior leaders to better understand and define what it is that makes bluemedia so special, and we collaborated to create a user experience strategy that would meet project goals.

To solve the problem of “helping potential customers find relevant case studies,” we first helped the bluemedia team sort photographs, stories, and videos from hundreds of job sites into logical categories. Next we built a back-end case study management system which would allow these case studies to be uploaded and maintained in a single back-end location, but filtered and presented by job type, location, or client on the front-end. Finally, we built out an individual “case study” page that would appropriately display the huge volume of text, photo, and video content bluemedia needed to present for each case study.

To solve the problem of “creating an inspirational design on par with bluemedia’s work,” we took creative direction from bluemedia’s already well-established brand standards and translated them to the web. As part of this process, selected and edited photos and videos from bluemedia’s considerable archives that matched the look & feel we were going for, optimized the viewing experience for different device sizes, and even added small elements of animation throughout the site.

Finally, we needed to integrate bluemedia’s website with its new project management software. To accomplish this, we took design cues from the nearly completed website and applied them to the look & feel of the project management software, which we called “bluemedia Connect”. Next, we created a user registration and login system that would expose the functionality of this system to the public.

The Results

The feedback on the new bluemedia website was overwhelmingly positive from employees, vendors, and most importantly, customers. The sales team in particular was relieved to finally have a website they could send to customers, feeling confident that visitors would be appropriately helped, educated, and converted into customers.

“We needed a website that would WOW our customers and we definitely got it. The Skyhook team was brilliant at every step of the process. We’ll definitely be working with them again in the future.”