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Autoimmune Association responsive websites
As the world’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to autoimmune disease advocacy, awareness, education, and research, the Autoimmune Association has donated millions of dollars to the fight against over 100 autoimmune diseases.
Still, their website’s user experience and overall branding was keeping them from making the impact they wanted to make. This project was about more than just creating a good looking site – it was about doing more good in the world.

With an upgraded website, they are now able to educate visitors and drive donations to continue their fight against autoimmune diseases.
The Challenge

The Challenge

With a large volume of content, including a comprehensive Disease Directory and Resource Center serving a variety of audiences, we needed to create a consistent front-end experience with a top-notch user experience that emphasized direct calls to actions while delivering intuitive on-site user journeys.
Increase Donations

The Autoimmune Association donates money to many organizations who fight against autoimmune diseases. Driving donations through messaging and easy-to-use tools was extremely important to the mission of the site.

Desire to Educate

The Autoimmune Association is filled with hundreds of pages of amazing resources. Making these resources accessible to website visitors—while managing the sheer volume of content— was a big focus for the site redesign.

Humanize Autoimmune Diseases

The Autoimmune Association is on a mission to humanize autoimmune diseases by creating resources and telling real life stories. This needed to be reflected in both the design and content of the site.

Updated Brand

As leading experts in their field, the Autoimmune Association needed a website that displayed extensive knowledge and professional presence.

How We Helped

How Skyhook Helped

From the beginning, this project was about helping people, giving support and answers to people who often feel alone in their suffering.

Facing several different challenges, including a recent name change, comparison with other large healthcare associations, and more, the Autoimmune Association needed a new website that would build trust, spread education, encourage donations, and build a positive brand reputation.

Skyhook redesigned and redeveloped the website to make it accessible and easy to navigate, while giving it a look and feel that would heighten the brand’s image and engage its audience. By conducting interviews and adding in real-life stories of people who struggle with autoimmune diseases, we were able to humanize the website and create a powerful community experience.

Additionally, we used tools that would make the website easy to update in the future, saving the organization time and money on ongoing maintenance.
The Results

The Results

“I am absolutely thrilled with the website redesign and re-architecture project that the team at this website development company did for the Autoimmune Association. The result is a user-friendly website that’s become a hub for individuals seeking support and answers. The team was professional, responsive, and went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. I highly recommend their services!”

-Laura Simpson, COO
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