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Carvana responsive websites
Carvana has opened up a new way to purchase and finance used cars, including introducing the world's first fully automated car vending machine.
As they experienced rapid growth, they needed a way to support the many buyers that were coming to their website daily. Creating a blog that was user friendly and informative was necessary for their continued expansion.
The Challenge

The Challenge

Need to educate

Carvana already had hundreds of blog posts, but that information needed to be more accessible and easy to find. This would help educate buyers and guide them to make an informed decision.

User experience at the forefront

Carvana was committed to giving their users the best experience from start to finish. This meant incorporating all the best features of WordPress in order to create a secure, fast-loading site that would be pleasant to explore.

Brand refresh

With a brand refresh underway, the new blog needed to match their improved branding. Carvana wanted to make sure their brand was fully represented through the visuals and messaging on their new website.

Drive traffic to main site

Carvana’s blog needed to utilize SEO best practices in order to achieve its purpose of driving traffic to their main shopping site.

How We Helped

How Skyhook Helped

Skyhook faced the challenge of migrating over 700 blog posts to the updated website. Each post had to be carefully reformatted to fit the new design while still maintaining its integrity, readability, and SEO rankings. By using existing content, the new blog would be instantly valuable to Carvana’s many daily visitors.

We used our WordPress expertise to create a site that matched the brand’s unique guidelines, could handle high visitor volume, would load quickly, and would be easy to update in the future. Plus, it had to support various content types, including videos and infographics. While WordPress is generally intuitive and easy to use, bringing Skyhook in allowed Carvana to take advantage of the software’s best features, while knowing that everything was set up properly.

With SEO as a key focus, we also made sure that the blog was SEO optimized, using meta data and other tools to help the pages rank well.
The Results

The Results

“Skyhook Interactive helped us transform our website to meet the needs of our rapidly growing business. They created a user-friendly and informative website that streamlined our purchasing process and resulted in a significant increase in sales. Their team was professional, responsive, and provided exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a website development company.”
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