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10 Reasons You Need a New Website in 2020


Is It Time to Update Your Website?

In this spirit of all the listicles floating around the New Year, we’ve put together 10 reasons why it might be time to get a new website in 2020.

10. Because only the Space Jam website can pull off the “retro is cool” thing.

new website 2020

9. Because you have 928 WordPress plugin updates waiting.

8. Because you still have a hit counter on your website.

7. Because you want to make it pop.
Or jazz it up. Or spice it up. Or add a wow factor.

6. Because your logo can always be bigger.
No wait…we’re kidding! WE’RE KIDDING!!

5. Because your kid is the same age as your website—and she’s about to graduate high school.

4. Because your site runs slower than this dog.

3. Because Geocities finally died last year.
Rest in peace.

2. Because your boss’s wife’s sister-in-law’s cousin designed the last one for free.

And the #1 reason you should get a new website in 2020?

1. Because you want it to look like Apple’s.
Don’t we all?

apple logos