Desert Star Construction


Desert Star Construction is a luxury custom home builder in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This family business has grown into something truly remarkable, building some of the most impressive homes you’ll see in Arizona for wealthy and famous clientele.

The Challenge

Even with their exceptional reputation, Desert Star Construction faced their fair share of challenges, including:

  • Imitators in the business. Competitors were trying to capitalize on Desert Star’s success.
  • A website that had fallen behind. The company had a strong website already, but it was several years old, and wasn’t up to date with the company’s current branding and focus.
  • Changes in company strategy. Desert Star had changed their marketing strategy, with a “less is more” approach to content and an emphasis on the quality of their craft.
  • Lack of paid advertising. Desert Star was missing out on valuable opportunities to attract customers through paid advertising.
  • No mobile site. The existing website was not mobile friendly, but many customers were trying to access the site on tablets and other mobile devices.

How Skyhook Helped

An exceptional company deserves more than a standard site. Skyhook was up to the challenge, providing smart strategy, expert development, and ongoing support to give Desert Star a digital edge.

We started with strategy. We got to know the company inside and out, reviewing materials and project photos, interviewing company management, and facilitating conversations among senior leaders. We also reviewed competitor sites to get a feel for the market and industry. From this information, we were able to develop a strategy, which inspired a creative brief and sitemap, along with wireframes.

With the strategy fully developed, Skyhook moved forward with implementation. Our design team created a modern design that reflected the brand’s culture and luxury style. We worked with them to create content that would tell their story effectively and powerfully. We utilized incredible visuals, including animation effects that brought the site to life. We also developed reusable components specific to the company’s needs, and set up a platform for SEO and PPC, to enhance their marketing efforts.

All of this was put to the test during our intense QA processes, and has been enhanced and improved through ongoing support. By monitoring what is and isn’t working on the site, tracking the user experience and implementing important feedback, Skyhook has helped Desert Star build an online presence that is as impressive as their homes.

The Results

This strategic approach to website development has paid off for Desert Star. They’ve received an increase in positive comments from site visitors, indicating greater customer engagement and interest. They’ve also noticed a decrease in repetitive sales questions, since the website has become more informative and easy to navigate. Plus, the stellar design has earned the AZIMA award for “Best Website.” Twice.

“Skyhook’s approach to website development is a breath of fresh air. Our latest website developed with the Skyhook team is an invaluable tool in our toolbox!”