Project Manager Eval:


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The purpose of this evaluation is to:

  1. Give you some insight into what you’ll be facing on the job
  2. Perform a basic evaluation to see if we think you’re what we’re looking for

If you’re invited to interview, these answers will also help facilitate that process. We’ve tried to keep it short and we don’t want it to take too much of your time. Skip questions if they don’t make sense, or link us to another resource.

If we feel that you will be a good fit for our team, we will call you to schedule a face-to-face interview. Please keep track of any questions you want to ask for when that time comes.

General information

Background information

Work experience

During that time, what percent of your time was spent doing the following? (should add to 100%):

Rate yourself (1-10) on the following skills

Note: a 1 signifies that you have no experience at all and a 10 signifies that you could speak at a conference about that particular topic.

Written communication
Verbal/interpersonal communication
Generalized business experience
Generalized computer system skills
Front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)
Back-end technologies (PHP, MySQL, etc.)
Infrastructure (hosting, DNS, CDNs, etc.)
Typing speed & accuracy
Creative direction/taste
Estimating project/task costs
Ability to hit deadlines
Ability to say "No" and be assertive
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