How To Review The Design


When reviewing your new website design, we suggest focusing on the following aspects:

1. Brand Consistency: Does the design align with your brand identity, including colors, fonts, and imagery?

2. Aesthetic Appeal: Is the design visually attractive and engaging, leaving a positive impression on you, and eventually your visitors?

3. Layout and Composition: Evaluate the overall layout and composition of the design, including balance, spacing, and alignment of elements. Do you like the way it feels?

4. Typography: Assess the typography used throughout the design, ensuring readability and coherence with your brand voice.

5. Imagery and Graphics: Review the quality and relevance of images and graphics used, considering their impact on visual storytelling and user engagement.

6. Whitespace: Check the use of whitespace (or negative space) to create breathing room and enhance readability and visual hierarchy.

7. Visual Hierarchy: Evaluate how the design guides the eye through the page, emphasizing important elements and content.

8. Consistency: We strive to ensure visual consistency across all pages of the website, maintaining a cohesive look and feel throughout. If something feels off to you, let us know!

9. Accessibility: Consider visual accessibility factors, such as color contrast and font size, to ensure inclusivity for all users. If it is hard for you to see or read, it will be for someone else as well.

10. Innovative Elements: Look for innovative design elements or creative touches that set the website apart and enhance user experience.