Custom Enterprise WordPress Site for Tempe-Based LifeLock

As one of the most well-known identity theft protection companies around, LifeLock has long offered consumers comprehensive security solutions, from basic monitoring and alerts to in-depth surveillance.

But when the time came to expand to B2B partnerships, LifeLock needed to launch a campaign that was catered specifically to businesses and their unique needs. This campaign needed a website that was up to the challenge of organizing the site’s extensive educational content while being easily viewable across all browsers. And of course, the site needed to live up to LifeLock’s high standards in terms of security; after all, this is a company that stakes its name on protecting information.

The Challenge

LifeLock was facing some challenges to getting their new site built, including:

  • Change in clientele. LifeLock was trying to attract businesses rather than consumers. A different target audience required adjustments to their strategy.
  • Need to educate. The LifeLock site needed to educate potential customers on the services LifeLock has to offer, meaning content would be key to the site’s success.
  • Industry knowledge. The site needed to address key concerns when it comes to business security. 
  • Short deadline. LifeLock needed the site quickly in order to get their campaign up and running.

How Skyhook Helped

With a business built on quality and precision, LifeLock needed a site that would help them expand their horizons in a secure, functional, and well-designed way. Skyhook took on the strategy and development of the project, and addressed LifeLock’s needs for ongoing support.

We helped LifeLock create a strategy that would address business security concerns, to help them break into the new market. We spent a lot of time planning the website and designing its various elements, keeping everything consistent with the brand’s image and values. From there, we were able to move into development.

The project ended up having several complicated elements, including custom integration with Marketo for forms, tracking, and progressive profiling, along with an extensive resource library. We developed a site that was completely editable through the CMS, while being fully responsive and optimized for speed. And of course, we included WordPress hardening for security purposes.

And remember that tight deadline? We finished two weeks early.

Even after launch, Skyhook provided LifeLock with ongoing support in the form of advanced analytics and tracking (including video tracking), to provide deeper insights into the user experience on the site. We also provided them with consulting on their ongoing infrastructure and maintenance needs.

The Results

Who wouldn’t be thrilled by a vendor that delivers early? LifeLock was blown away by the pixel-perfect execution and complete lack of bugs and issues in the final product. The campaign has been a success, with some pretty impressive results for Lifelock:

  • This new site has seen a 15% increase in conversions over the previous site
  • Site has seen tens of thousands of visitors
  • All maintenance requests are handled within 48 hours