You can call us “Skyhook Interactive”


Nice to meet you, again.

Over eight years ago, when we all got together and started this wild ride, we went by another name. Since then, we’ve tried our best to align our outward facing image with our internal values and capabilities. We believe (and tell our clients) that a company can deliver it’s best work when our customers know exactly what they’re great at, and choose them for their expertise.

When we phased out our SEO & PPC offerings last year for new clients, we did it because we realized something important about our team. We are passionate about building a more beautiful, useful, and connected Internet and we do it best when we are creating knock-out interactive experiences, primarily in WordPress.

So we decided it was time to tweak our name to reflect the nature of our expertise. Our years in the trenches of SEO and content marketing give us a unique perspective for an interactive shop, and we haven’t forgotten that driving traffic is a key goal for almost all our clients. But we hang our hat on designing and developing sites that take those visitors and turn them into customers.

Today, we’re practicing what we preach and declaring our expertise. We don’t want there to be any doubt: we’re Skyhook Interactive, and we build amazing websites.