How To Review Your Site Build, Front-to-Back


Key takeaways:

    • Review the site on your phone, as well as your computer (in addition to laptop/tablets etc.)
    • Click on all the buttons/ links – are they going to the right places? They may have been a placeholder link during a previous phase.
    • Are all the images final? Are there any new images needed to be swapped out?
    • Are there any orphan/ hidden pages needed for your review? Make sure to check these out as they wouldn’t be part of the navigation.
    • Are there other stakeholders that need to be involved for their sign off?


Please note – this is a living tool. Your website can continue to evolve and change as your brand does! Focus on what’s needed for this launch vs. thinking of 1-3 years down the road. Additional updates can always be handled with your team (i.e. image swap), or with our support team for larger changes. Review the site with the launch date in mind and what’s important/ needed just for launch.




0:01 How to review your new site. Congratulations we are in the home stretch. We are about to launch this and make it live to the rest of the world.
0:11 But first, here is an opportunity for you and your team to do those fine checks before we go live. So, how to review.
0:21 We want to make sure that everything is ready to go for this immediate launch. So don’t think of phase two, five years later down the road of maybe future enhancements, but what is needed for this immediate launch.
0:36 So, for example, click on all of the links. There may have been some placeholders earlier on in the project, maybe you were waiting on a final link from another team member and now you finally have it.
0:50 And so we want to just make sure that some of those placeholder images or links did get updated or will be getting updated.
0:58 And so if anything needs to change, you can log that in using our Bugherd tool and communicating their project manager of what needs to be updated on the site.
1:09 So while you’re reviewing, clicking on every links, you’re checking different hover states. If there’s interactions going on, you are reviewing this site You not only on your phone, but also different devices.
1:24 So maybe that’s a desktop, a laptop, tablet. I’m just think of your audience and your clients and how they’re going to be accessing the site.
1:32 What pages are they going to be drawn to? So really review. Copy and as well as looking over the images.
1:41 So I mentioned links being final, some maybe placeholders, images too. Maybe there are some placeholder images that you now have.
1:49 You’re waiting on a photo shoot or some edit somewhere. And so you want to make sure those images are final.
1:55 When you’re also navigating the site, looking at different pages, you want to make note if there were any orphan pages or hidden pages.
2:03 So maybe you have some pages that are just for internal use. They’re not in the navigation, but if you have the direct URL, you can navigate to them.
2:11 So you’ll want to check those too for review. A lot of times that has placeholder content, and so we want to make sure that gets updated and ready for launch.
2:20 Last but not least, has everyone on your team reviewed the site? Are there additional stakeholders at this point that you need to pull in to review for their sign-off?
2:30 So there’s not a block right before launch date. Let them know site is ready. And above all, just remember, this is a living tool.
2:40 Your website can always be updated. It can evolve and change to meet your needs now and in the future. And so additional updates can always be made later.
2:48 Just focus in on this review period of what needs to happen for this launch.