Accessibility fun fact


We are committed to inclusive design

We believe websites should be accessible to everyone including those whom may have a harder time visually navigating the internet. Our design and development decisions are based on accessibility, ensuring your website is something everyone can enjoy easily.

Color contrast

Ensuring sufficient color contrast between text and background colors is crucial for users with visual impairments or color vision deficiencies. We consider the ADA’s recommend specific contrast ratios to ensure readability.

Placement of buttons/arrows

Just like arranging furniture for easy access, we strategically position interactive elements to ensure they’re within reach for everyone, meeting ADA guidelines for accessibility.

Form labels vs placeholders

It’s like having signs versus whispers! Clear form labels stay put, guiding users every step of the way, while placeholders fade into the background. We prioritize labels for a smooth sailing experience, especially for those relying on screen readers.

Behind-the-scenes code (like ARIA labels/roles to assist screen readers)

Think of it as adding subtitles to a movie! ARIA labels and roles provide extra context for assistive technologies, ensuring that everyone can follow along with the web’s storyline, no matter their abilities.