Telling the Story of An Industry Leader

Trussway is the leading manufacturer of floor trusses, roof trusses, and pre-assembled door and window openings in the US. In business for nearly 50 years, the company’s high-quality products have elevated the standard of these essential building components, delivering unparalleled levels of safety, comfort and noise control for wood-framed single- and multi-family residential and commercial building projects. Unfortunately, the Trussway website didn’t reflect the true value of the brand’s value proposition in the market. It was up to Skyhook to change that.

The Challenge

The company initially approached Skyhook for just site design refresh. But after a deeper dive into the brand’s messaging and competitive landscape, it became clear that the new site would need much more than a fresh look. The challenge then became:

  • Create website with a modern look and feel that reflects Trussway’s brand and position as an industry leader
  • Tell the Trussway story in a way that resonates deeply with targeted audiences

To cap off the challenge, the Skyhook team had just two months to create, build and launch the new site—all while the company went through a rebrand. From day one, the clock was ticking.

The Skyhook Solution

Building early trust and partnership was crucial to the project’s success. Skyhook jumped in with both feet, working closely with a new Trussway marketing team to ensure everyone was lockstep. During content strategy sessions with the team, the company’s unique positioning emerged clearly—anyone can build trusses, but only Trussway cares about the complete story: helping create a safe, noise-free environment for the people who will build a life in their new living spaces.

Once the story was clear, Skyhook worked with the Trussway marketing team to weave that perspective throughout the copy on the site, focusing less on the product and more on the quality of the final product as well as Trussway’s unique partnership approach.

The new design was built around the story, ensuring clear user journeys leading to a solid call to action. Given the expedited timeline, Skyhook started with a pre-built WordPress template and added custom elements to give it a bespoke feel.

The Results

Despite the tight timeline and the simultaneous brand repositioning, Skyhook nailed an on-time delivery of a site that truly shows Trussway for the industry leader it is. While it’s too early to measure results, the Skyhook team and the newly launched site have earned rave reviews from top leaders at the company, with additional projects now in the works.

“We took a long, introspective look at ourselves to capture our true brand voice and mission in the development of this site. It’s so much more than a truss. It’s about being a part of making living spaces that are quieter, well-built and more comfortable for the occupant and more profitable for the owner. And, we’ve accomplished that here.”

“[Skyhook] clearly understood the direction we wanted to take and brought our imagery and words to life in a very artistic, yet practical way. The site is beautiful, functional and represents our brand perfectly. It was really fun to see the brand reborn through the website.”