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You can call us “Skyhook Interactive”

Nice to meet you, again. Over eight years ago, when we all got together and started this wild ride, we went by another name. Since then, we’ve tried our best to align our outward facing image with our internal values and capabilities. We believe (and tell our clients) that a company can deliver it’s best work when our […]

Using your website to tell a story

Brands have stories? Get out! When I first got into marketing, I remember hearing several people refer to the idea of a “Brand story.” Having not given it much thought prior to that time, I thought that sounded a little funny. Stories are those things your mom used to read to you at bedtime, or […]

Case study: Launching a new brand online

In May 2012, Skyhook was hired by the newly created Phoenix Marathon to help them launch their brand online. Background The Phoenix Marathon was started in 2011 by a small group of volunteer enthusiasts who wanted to give the east valley community something to come together for. Believe it or not, the first race didn’t […]

5 steps to a better website RFP

Is your company in need of an updated or new website, and you’re the one who has been tasked with creating the RFP for the project? Based on our experiences responding to many an RFP, here are a few tips for making an effective website RFP that will increase the chances that you’ll attract quality […]

Chrome’s New Rendering Engine is a Win for the Web

Last week, Google announced Blink as the new rendering engine behind Chromium, the open source project that powers the Web browser Chrome. While most casual Chrome users will likely never hear about this change, Web developers like me are taking note and looking forward to the innovations that will be rolled out to increase Chrome’s rendering power. […]