When local artist Joey Welsh came to us with his gecko-themed artwork, he already had an online following. Time spent on the road attending various art shows had already garnered an audience for Welsh’s art, but he needed a more legitimate platform to showcase and sell his work online.

Skyhook’s work accomplished a couple key things for Gekkards. First, we designed a site worthy of a client with an artistic eye. Next, we build a robust e-commerce component, giving Welsh the ability to make sales online. With all the time spent traveling to attend art conventions to sell his goods and network with other artists, Welsh doesn’t have time to spend with a complicated CMS -- so we hooked him up with a simple system and trained him to quickly and easily run it.

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A site to match the art

Joey Welsh's art needed a backdrop that would enhance it, rather than distract. He got a carefully crafted site that matches the brand, colors, texture and feel perfectly.

Taking it off the road

Going to art shows is fun for an artist, but setting up a powerful e-commerce platform he could manage meant that Joey could sell art from his home, day or night, and still give fans a chance to view, share and buy his work.

A new blog

Being on the road means that Joey gets new fans each week, and uses the blog to keep up with people who follow his work. Extra care was given here, because almost every post has new great artwork to share, and we wanted it to stand out.