You’d be hard-pressed to find a teenager these days who doesn’t regularly spend time on the Internet. Because Farnsworth Physical Therapy wanted to reach the high school demographic, we knew they needed a strong online presence. Farnsworth PT serves patients from all types of backgrounds with varying types of injuries, but they specialize in high school sports injuries.

The staff at Farnsworth PT is known for being forward-thinking, and we wanted their online identity to reflect that mentality. We interviewed them, wrote killer content and sent our photographer in to gather high-quality images. The result is an uncluttered, inviting design featuring easy navigation, client testimonials and an appealing slideshow on the home page.

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Classy and informational

With easy navigation and brilliant imagery, we guide patients through an introduction to these amazing therapists, and show them how to get this high level of care.

Get to know your doctor

The team at Farnsworth PT had our professional photographer come down to document their actual offices, and take new portraits, so the patients knew who they were coming to see. No stock photos here!

Every page is a landing page

We wanted to make sure that if visitors came in looking for a particular solution, they found it on our site. Each service page educates, then encourages the patient to act and make an appointment.